Is Messy Handwriting a Real Problem or Will My Child Outgrow It?


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As a registered and licensed Occupation Therapist, Megan Eldridge wanted to help children who were falling into the gray area. These were kids who were struggling with fine/visual motor skills, but didn’t qualify for additional services in school. She started doing handwriting camps, which quickly grew into a full-time business doing one-to-one treatment..

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What Ryan Has to Say...

Ryan and myself wanted to write to you to thank you for all you have done for Jack. He was recently testing in school to see his reading level and we are so proud to say he is above grade level. From last year being below to now above we can’t help but think that your vision therapy has played a huge part in getting his eyes on track. Included is the reading assessment the school sent home.

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Is your child’s handwriting atrocious? Are they struggling to keep up in school? Do you want to give your child every opportunity to enjoy learning but you are not sure what to do?
Poor handwriting is just the tip of the child development iceberg.
We can help relieve your worries. Poor handwriting is one obvious symptom of significant learning developmental issues.

Now you can discover the secrets that will help your child create a lifetime of success by addressing learning and developmental challenges today.

  • If your child gets frustrated and gives up easily
  • Lacks self-confidence
  • Or has a hard time focusing and concentrating

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Now you can learn how to ensure that your child’s future is not limited due to poor academic performance because of a childhood developmental barrier.
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