Megan’s Story

I had worked in several different pediatric settings and saw there were a lot of kids in the “grey area”. These were children who were struggling with handwriting along with fine and visual motor skills, but didn’t qualify for additional services in school. I believed these children could make huge gains with targeted, short-term intervention.

In 2003, I held the first Handwriting Camp with 15 kids and it grew to more than 250 students over the years. In response to that overwhelming demand, I started offering after school classes and Scribble 2 Script grew into a year-round business.

At the request of parents I developed a program to work with kids one-on-one, and it was a hit with families. Now all we offer is one-on-one treatment sessions.

In 2011, Scribble 2 Script’s programming expanded to include Vision Therapy (AKA SMART MOVES +). The results we have seen by integrating vision therapy along with handwriting have been remarkable.

Parents are thrilled, the kids are thriving and those of us at Scribble 2 Script have smiles
on our faces on a daily basis as we watch children grow into confident successful writers.

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