Is your child struggling in school?

We help children ages 4 and up sharpen their handwriting skills using innovative treatment strategies that integrate fine and visual motor skill development. Our signature programs have been created by an Occupational Therapist.

Falling Behind

“He’s so smart yet his grades are bad…”


Good Grades

Teachers love legible handwriting! It’s easy to read and easy to grade. Studies show that having legible handwriting leads to better grades.

Feeling Stuck

“His handwriting is glaringly worse than his classmates…”



Confidence leads to more confidence. Once a child sees that they are capable of legible writing they are proud of their work and willing to do more!

School Blues

“He used to love school, but not anymore...”



Legible writing eliminates the need to redo work which often times requires a lot of supervision.


"The harder we work on it, the worse it gets..."


Fast and Focused

A solid foundation of fine motor and handwriting skills allows the hand to write quickly and accurately making it easy to get work done.

Is Handwriting a Real Problem?

Determine if your child's messy handwriting problem will cure itself, or if waiting will only making it worse.

STEP 1: One-On-One evaluation with an Occupational Therapist to identify your child’s specific handwriting challenges.

STEP 2: A customized plan of action is developed to resolve challenges discovered in the evaluation.

STEP 3: Private instruction restores your child’s confidence and classroom success.

Signs Your Child Needs Help

Request an evaluation and talk with a professional about your child’s development