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Several studies indicate that GOOD HANDWRITING can take a generic classroom test score from the

50TH percentile to the

84TH percentile, while BAD PENMANSHIP could tank it to the

16TH percentile.
Washington Post

Pencil Grip Evaluation

The staff of Scribble 2 Script will come directly to your classroom and assess each child’s grip and fit them with a customized pencil grip to help their hand hold the pencil correctly. Each child will receive two pencils and two pencil grips. Call for more information.


Megan Eldridge, Occupational Therapist and Founder of Scribble 2 Script, offers workshops for teachers, parents, groups and other professionals on a variety of topics from 1-3 hours in length.
Topics include:
-Handwriting Legibility
-Fine motor skill development
-Visual-motor integration
-Visual Efficiency: eye teaming
-Visual Information Processing


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Is your child’s handwriting atrocious? Are they struggling to keep up in school? Do you want to give your child every opportunity to enjoy learning but you are not sure what to do?
Poor handwriting is just the tip of the child development iceberg.
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  • If your child gets frustrated and gives up easily
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Now you can learn how to ensure that your child’s future is not limited due to poor academic performance because of a childhood developmental barrier.
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Discover the top 7 reasons why children grapple with handwriting deficiencies.

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